Shadows don’t move
In the dark
Kill all lights
Save one last spark
Now everything’s right
Here’s my peace
My calm
My cocoon
This dead room
Where nothing resumes
Just my thoughts
A drink or two or three
Nothing can be seen
I just sit
There’s something soothing
In this room
Devoid of everything
No sounds but
That of a glass
The clinking of ice
The bite of liquor
Doesn’t clash as
The demons pass back
Into a not distant past
They take that blast
Of wrath with them
As they pass.
But only in the dark
That’s the part
Stories don’t harken to
They live in the dark.
That’s where you gotta be
For freedom. Relief.
It all begins when
The lights dim.
In a chair.
All alone.
Just you and the shadows
That don’t move.
As long as you’re in the dark.

Find this poem and others in my self published book “More Than Two Sides” available now in digital format on Nook, coming soon to Amazon Kindle.

A writer and scholar of life. I love having fun with poetry and wordplay!

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